In Imrani Energy Construction Company is proud to say that they have working record without a serious accident or loss of time in all projects.


All work procedures prepared and submitted either for I.E.C.C management approval or client (company) shall include a full chapter referring to Safety matters which consist of:

  • Hazard detection.
  • Hazard and accident prevention.
  • Accident remedy.
  • Accident, incident, near miss follows up.
  • Instruction, name, telephone and address of doctors and clinics to go.


The main framework of Safety team within each project is to make sure and enforce to at least have one weekly unannounced inspection to make sure:

  • Protective clothing are all worn and in good condition by all employees.
  • Construction sign with strict requirement for wearing PP is posted at all the entrance.
  • Construction site is clearly marked by posts or fences.
  • All the trenches are properly shored up or laid back against any cave ins.
  • Warning types properly marks all excavations.
  • All equipment is properly grounded against any electrical shocks.
  • All temporary ditches and excavation do have proper safe bridges.
  • Masonry workers above ground do have proper scaffolding with hand rails as well as safe timber boards to work on.
  • Steelworkers do have the necessary safety belts and harnesses.
  • All the grinders and welders are all wearing the required protective clothing and masks. The work area is properly light up for the night work.
  • All grounds are kept clean are clear of nails, grease and any unnecessary materials.
  • All equipment has been examined by Imrani Energy Construction Company Safety department, does have the necessary certificates.
  • All lifting equipment is examined closely and has been certified.
  • The site is clear of defective electrical cables all generators are properly isolated grounded.
  • Back up horns are operative on all the construction equipment.
  • All measuring equipment has been updated and calibrated.
  • Rented machinery and construction equipment is within acceptable safe construction standards.
  • Adequate fire extinguisher is available within any fire hazardous operation.
  • Ladders and working platform are safe and acceptable.
  • Eating area if any are kept clean and there are enough cleaning staff to control any spills.
  • All temporary structure is safe and secure against rain, wind and uplift force.
  • There is always adequate and loaded first aid kit near by.
  • Enough parking space to park, load and transport the shift workforce with the job site.
  • There are enough Safety inspectors with yellow armband within the working area to enforce the Safety rules.
  • The concrete forms are cleaned and stack up to avoid any injuries.
  • Material storages are safe and free from collapsing.
  • There are enough guards to patrol the site within 24 hours.
  • The emergency signs as to procedure after an accident is well posted within the working areas.
  • Emergency transport and proper communication is always available at site.


Safety General Manager

Safety Area Manager

Organize training classes for all the Safety personnel and review all accident reports  and takes general corrective action.

Safety Project Manager

Organize the entire Safety team and backup for safe operation of particular assignment.

Mobile Officer

Patrolling the work area round clock and making sure that what preached is practiced.

Foot Soldier

Stationed at the job site to oversee the entire operation and enforce the Safety mandates.

Orientation and Training

Each worker must receive safety orientation and training on applicable OSHA standards, company safety requirements and/or have enough experience to do his/her job safely. we should evaluate this training occasionally to ensure proper understanding and implementation of the company safety requirements and OSHA standards.

Personal Protective Equipment

Workers must use personal protective equipment, but it is not a substitute for taking safety measures. Workers still need to avoid hazards